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The Circle of Evolution: From Barbers to Dentists to Hair Transplant Surgeons” Dr Hajera


In days of old, a barber’s trade

Was more than just a simple blade

With shears and razors, they’d remove

Not just your hair, but teeth, they’d soothe

But as time passed, we came to know

The value of a specialized pro

Dentistry emerged, a field refined

With tooth extraction its main design

The barber chair, once used to pull

Teeth out, is now just a relic dull

But in a curious twist of fate

A similar chair, dentists now create

For hair transplant surgery they’ll use

A chair that’s built to recline and choose

The perfect angle to place each strand

A modern tool, in dentists’ hands

The circle of life continues on

As professions shift and morph, like dawn

What once went out, comes back again

In a never-ending, evolving game

And so, we see the circle turn

As old skills fade and new ones learn

A cycle of life that’s sure to bring

More wondrous changes, amazing things.

Vintage Barber/Dental Chair

Modern Hair Transpalnt Chair