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WhatsApp/Facebook Dental Discussions Could Increase Your Productivity, Here is how? – Dr Syed Nabeel


Dentists can streamline WhatsApp/Facebook dental discussions into notes by following these steps:

  1. Set a goal: Dentists should first set a goal of learning one new thing from WhatsApp/Facebook dental discussions each day.

  2. Identify relevant information: During the WhatsApp/Facebook discussion, dentists should take note of any new and relevant information that they can use in their practice.
  3. Organize information: After the discussion, dentists should organize the information into a coherent and easy-to-understand format. They can use bullet points or short sentences to summarize the main points.
  4. Categorize notes: Dentists can categorize their notes by topics such as restorative dentistry, periodontology, orthodontics, and so on. This will help them to quickly access the relevant information when they need it.
  5. Store notes in a digital format: Dentists can store their notes in a digital format such as Google Drive, Evernote, or OneNote. This will allow them to access their notes from any device and at any time.


By following these steps, dentists can make a knowledge base of over 365 new things they learn in a year. This will help them to improve their knowledge and skills, which will, in turn, make them better dentists. Here are some ways that this knowledge base can benefit dentists:

  1. Better decision-making: With a comprehensive knowledge base, dentists can make informed decisions about patient care and treatment.
  2. Improved patient outcomes: By keeping up-to-date with the latest research and practices, dentists can provide their patients with the best possible care and treatment.
  3. Increased efficiency: Having a knowledge base of relevant information can help dentists to work more efficiently and effectively.
  4. Professional development: Dentists who are committed to lifelong learning and professional development are more likely to be respected and valued by their peers and patients.

Dentists can streamline WhatsApp/Facebook dental discussions into notes to build a knowledge base of over 365 new things they learn in a year. This can help them to make informed decisions, improve patient outcomes, increase efficiency, and develop professionally.

Here are some specific studies from PubMed that support the idea that doctors who keep learning new things become better doctors:

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These studies and others suggest that continuous learning and professional development can improve physician knowledge, skills, and practice, which can lead to better patient outcomes and higher quality care.