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First things first – Blog By Dr Sanjay Jamdad


You have been doing a splendid job of the dentistry you do in your patient’s mouth and now you could use some recognition! But what is it that stops the world from recognizing your hard work?

You always executed a particular treatment perfectly… to textbook precision, let us say a smile design or a full mouth rehabilitation, a connective tissue graft, a direct sinus lift a difficult orthodontic correction or a Orthognathic surgery or a Leforte fracture reduction yet you wonder why some patients still won’t take that particular treatment. And price isn’t the only obstacle for the patient. What is the missing link here?
Documentation. That is the lack of it. Brilliantly planned and excellently executed cases… the world never ever found out!

If your cases had been photographically recorded at every step and study models taken and preserved, Critical X ray pictures at every step taken and preserved, you could have used that record to either publish that case or to educate the next patient about the success of the treatment option used for the previous patient.
So record. Take pictures. Take your time and put them together. Transfer to a PC. Make a folder with the patient’s name on it… spend 15 mins to file… and u will have ur own “self reference” after a year! Try creating wax mock ups for your esthetic make over cases, try using silicon keys for the same, and take pre and post photos in the various angles as demanded for scientific publications. Take photos for orthodontic cases, make study models at various stages, and take OPGs and lateral cephalogram x rays. Take pre and post X-rays for your endodontic cases. Preserve study models of your full arch rehabilitation cases. Preserve stents, splints and templates. Then create Power point presentations for your patient’s to see and understand.
And watch your practice grow and watch how publishers chase you for articles and hey! One day you may even get a call from a publisher or you may even get invited as a speaker!
Make money by using your inspiring work to influence yourself, your clinentele and other professionals just like you!

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