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9 Reasons Why Patients Are Unhappy – Dr Syed Nabeel


  1. Pain or discomfort during the treatment: One of the most common reasons why dental patients are unhappy with their treatment is due to pain or discomfort they experience during the procedure. This could be due to a variety of reasons, such as sensitivity, inadequate anesthesia, or the dentist being too rough.
  2. Poor communication: Poor communication between the patient and the dentist can lead to misunderstandings and dissatisfaction. Patients may not understand the treatment plan, the cost of the procedure, or the expected outcomes.
  3. Inadequate results: Patients may be unhappy if the results of the treatment do not meet their expectations. For example, if they undergo teeth whitening and the results are not as white as they had hoped for.
  4. Long wait times: Dental appointments are often scheduled weeks or even months in advance, so patients may become unhappy if they have to wait a long time to be seen by the dentist. In addition, long wait times in the waiting room can also be frustrating.
  5. Poor customer service: Patients may be unhappy with their dental treatment if they feel that the customer service they received was poor. This could include rude or unprofessional staff, difficulty scheduling appointments, or unreturned phone calls.
  6. Unexpected costs: Patients may be unhappy if they are surprised by unexpected costs associated with their treatment. This could be due to additional procedures that were not discussed beforehand, or hidden fees that were not clearly explained.
  7. Lack of transparency: Patients may be unhappy if the dentist does not provide clear and transparent information about the treatment plan, the risks and benefits, and the expected outcomes.
  8. Inconvenient location: Patients may be unhappy if the dental office is located too far away or in an inconvenient location. This could make it difficult to schedule appointments and may result in missed appointments.
  9. Poor quality of materials: Patients may be unhappy with their treatment if the materials used by the dentist are of poor quality or fail to last as long as they were promised. This could be due to the use of inferior materials or poor workmanship.