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WhatsApp/Facebook Dental Discussions Could Increase Your Productivity, Here is how? – Dr Syed Nabeel

Dentists can streamline WhatsApp/Facebook dental discussions into notes by following these steps: Set a goal: Dentists should first set a goal of learning one new thing from WhatsApp/Facebook dental discussions each day. Identify relevant information: During the WhatsApp/Facebook discussion, dentists should take note of any new and relevant information that they can use in their […]

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The Patient

Online Dental Help

In Giving, That U Shall Truly Receive The Covid-19/Corona Virus Pandemic has led to a lock-down of many countries. This is an unprecedented situation. As responsible dentists, we @ DentistryUnited would like to lend a helping hand to people suffering from dental pain or any other dental concern. We are offering online Free Dental consultation/help. […]

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